“The work undertaken by FOGS in Aboriginal communities and in regional and country centres of Queensland is surpassed by no other organization.
I am aware the FOGS wish to continue and expand this work, which can only be undertaken if they are successful in obtaining corporate support. I therefore appeal to your generosity, and assure you that any support you give will be repaid tenfold in appreciation by all former players”

The Hon. Terry Mackenroth
Former Deputy Premier of Queensland

“Apart from the aspect of team sport in terms of physical health, there are many other advantages which include the concept of teamwork, achievement, developing self esteem and discipline, goal setting and the chance to travel.
The FOGS program represents a potentially positive influence that could well help a young person towards a successful adult life”

Bob Atkinson
Former Queensland Police Commissioner

“The Former Origin Greats through their ongoing work, not only within the sporting community but also the community at large are one of Queensland’s great sporting organisations.

They are an organisation steeped in passion for sport, and passion for the community, built by former Queensland football legends to contribute back to Queenslanders through a multitude of fundraising vehicles.

I would urge all Queenslanders to get behind the Football Origin Greats to allow them to continue helping others.”

Peter Beattie
Former Queensland Premier

“Through the continued efforts of organisations like the Former Origin Greats, Queensland is flourishing and living up to our reputation of being creative, innovative and energetic.

I encourage you to be part of Queensland’s success story and support our great State by investing in the Former Origin Greats, one of Queensland’s iconic sporting organisations”

The Hon. Mal Brough MP
Former Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs